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final Value Set ProcedureNoteDocumentTypeCodes 2013‑01‑31

Value Set Name Value Set Id Version / effective date Status
ProcedureNoteDocumentTypeCodes 2.16.840.1.113883. 2013‑01‑31 Final
Source Code System:
  • 2.16.840.1.113883.6.1 LOINC
Level/ Type Code Display Name Code System Description
0-L 28570-0 Provider-unspecified Procedure note LOINC
0-L 11505-5 Physician procedure note LOINC
0-L 18744-3 Bronchoscopy study LOINC
0-L 18745-0 Cardiac catheterization study LOINC
0-L 18746-8 Colonoscopy study LOINC
0-L 18751-8 Endoscopy study LOINC
0-L 18753-4 Flexible sigmoidoscopy study LOINC
0-L 18836-7 Cardiac stress study Procedure LOINC
0-L 28577-5 Dentist procedure note LOINC
0-L 28625-2 Podiatry procedure note LOINC
0-L 29757-2 Colposcopy study LOINC
0-L 33721-2 Bone marrow Pathology biopsy report LOINC
0-L 34121-4 Interventional procedure note LOINC
0-L 34896-1 Cardiovascular disease Interventional procedure note LOINC
0-L 34899-5 Gastroenterology Interventional procedure note LOINC
0-L 47048-4 Diagnostic interventional study report Interventional radiology LOINC
0-L 48807-2 Bone marrow aspiration report LOINC
Legenda: Type L=leaf, S=specializable, A=abstract, D=deprecated. NullFlavors to appear in @nullFlavor attribute instead of @code.