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Trifolia conversion

This DECOR project is part of the HL7 Templates Work Group project for finding a generic template exchange format for various template creation suites such as the Trifolia Workbench.

Part of the conversion from the SQL data has been done by a script provided by Keith Boone.

Please note that parts of the Trifolia Workbench maybe copyrighted by Lantana Consulting Group (see

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  • dr Kai U. Heitmann

Version Info

Date By Description
2012‑06‑20 KH Corrections due to DECOR
2012‑06‑07 KH Transformation updated, more trifolia rules taken over
2012‑06‑01 KH Initial release, direct transcript from XML extract from Trifolia database

Data sets, codes, OIDs and Rules: this information is used for rendering and validation purposes.