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pending Template  Reason for Referral Section

Template - ReasonforReferralSection
Version valid from 2013‑01‑31 status pending Under pre-publication review
Classification CDA Section Level Template
Context Parent nodes of template element with id
Open/Closed Open (other than defined elements are allowed)
Description A Reason for Referral section records the reason the patient is being referred for a consultation by a provider. An optional Chief Complaint section may capture the patient’s description of the reason for the consultation.
Used by / Uses
Used by / Uses 1 template
Used by Template id as Name Version
2.16.840.1.113883. Containment ConsultationNote Consultation Note 2013‑01‑31
Item DT Card Conf Description Label
treetree cda:templateId
1 .. 1 M SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] templateId (CONF:7844) such that it conf‑7844
treeblank treetree @root
1 .. 1 F
treetree cda:code
1 .. 1 M SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] code (CONF:15427). conf‑15427
treeblank treetree @code
1 .. 1 F 42349-1
treeblank treetree @codeSystem
1 .. 1 F 2.16.840.1.113883.6.1 (LOINC)
treetree cda:title
1 .. 1 M SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] title (CONF:7846). conf‑7846
treetree cda:text
1 .. 1 M SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] text (CONF:7847). conf‑7847